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Luxury Personal Shopper

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Is your TIME GOLD?

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Having TIME today is a LUXURY

¿Quieres comprar, vender, reservar, otras gestiones...?

Regístrate y me pondré en contacto contigo lo antes posible.


Hi, I'm Susan, your Personal Shopper 

Qualities that stand out about me: Presence, knowing how to be, seriousness, discipline, order, organization, methodical, great capacity for observation, perfection, detail, 


Do you want to have more hours a day?


I'm going to make sure you don't have hours to do your most important job.

Forget about:

I don't have time to ...

I can't search ...

I can not see...

I can not buy...

I can't book ...

And endless daily tasks that unknowingly occupy your precious hours. 

Tell me ... How can I help you?

Nueva Villa moderna en Calpe

Our services are focused on the Valencian Community, primarily on the Costa Blanca.  

Shopping services in general (luxury residences, cars, reservations, gifts, ...) for people with high purchasing power.

We work for people who do not have time to do these steps because their work is more important. For these people, having TIME today is a LUXURY .


Our clients trust us because we study and research the product before offering them the purchase, they do not care about the price to pay but they are not stupid either. 

If you are looking for a home or second home in this area, we do the search and paperwork for you, our specialty is homes, residences, luxury villas on the coast: Oliva Nova, Denia, Jávea, Altea, Benidorm, ... high-end cars and exclusive products.

Do you want to buy the mega car of your dreams? the one that will make you the happiest in the world? the one that you will triumph wherever you go? the one that will get your adrenaline pumping when you drive it?

Do you need a piece of furniture for the living room and you can't go see it?

That fabulous gift for your husband or wife?

Any details for the most precious customer?

Hotel to attend a convention?

Weekend getaway?

A special or unexpected trip?  

. . .

Villa Calpe - pincha en la foto para más infomación

Organization and efficiency a 10

Susan has changed my life, I count on her for many procedures, which occupy my precious time a day, important things, but for me they are nonsense because I have a lot of work and many people in my company depend on me. I receive more than 300 calls a day related to my work and I cannot stop answering them simply because I have to look at a vehicle that I want to buy for the weekends that I go to the residence I have in Altea. 

Juan B.


Book appointment 

Book your appointment and I will contact you to confirm it. 

I'll wait for you on the other side of the screen 640890670.

Or in the chat at the bottom right.


Luxury Personal Shopper - 640890670 - - Costa Blanca

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